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Programming, In The Minds Of People vs. In Real-Life

A normal day in a programmer’s life: Wife: "Go to the market and buy one bottle of milk, if they have eggs, bring 6". The programmer...

Devoted Pet Owner Dresses Up Trying To Resemble His Cat

He loves his pet... but only on Halloween can he dress up as a cat, if not it'd be weird.

When You Have A Date At 5 But Need To Defend...

The story of Russian gals, and their lives... "Where's my Mosin?"

Halloween Maternity Photos

This poor father had more that what he had bargained coming his way... But no matter in what shape or form, his baby is...

You’re Not You When You’re Hungry

When it's past your Lunch time and you still haven't eaten anything to be your usual self...

A Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog

A 'Pangram' according to Wikipedia is a sentence or a verse that contains all the 26 letters of the alphabet. A Quick Brown Fox

Four-Armed Gun-Men Rob Bank

'Four-armed' gun-men, and not 'four armed gun men', rob a bank and leave the employees distraught...

Comedian Jeff Wysaski Creates And Sells Hilarious Fake Products

U.S based comedian Jeff Wysaski applies a new twist to text-intervention - the art of twisting someone else's quote or text and turning...

We Know A Good Deal When We See it

Last minute deals ... get it when you can.

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8-Year-Old Girl Discovers Viking Sword From A Lake In Southern Sweden

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funny cartoon pictures lol

Four-Armed Gun-Men Rob Bank