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Harry Porter And The Prisoner of Afghanistan

Prisoner of Afghanistan? Did you mean Saudi Arabia?

One Bite and You Get To Be Sharkman

No, one bite and you're his lunch. Only I can turn you into Spiderman. There is no Sharkman.

If You Take Care Of Things, They Last

Old couples then and now. Are we that lucky now a days? So if you take care of things, even YOU can make it...

A Giant Water Bug with Eggs on it’s back ready for...

A giant water bug with eggs on it's back ready for hatching multiple dozens of babies.

When You Lie on Your Resume But Still Get the...

This is what happens if you lie on your resume. Here's a Shiba Inu News Anchor who lied on his, but still ended up...

Maybe This Ice Cream Will Sober Me Up

Does ice cream help you sober up? Let's ask this guy

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funny cartoon pictures lol

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