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“Why Should I Trust You?”

When your first 50 dates were all dogs, how can a girl (above average) get a break? – Try enticing him with cat food, and see if he reacts with a meow. If he does, he’s the one you’ve been waiting for.

Female: “Why Should I trust you? All men I’ve dated were dogs”.

Male: “GRRRR roar!! grrrrRRRR! aaaargh!! yaaaaaa!!!! yeahhhhhh!!!”

Female: “OOOOO, I like the sound of that! Let’s go, right now, your place“.

Male: “But…., but….but….”

Female: “But what?”.

Male: “I don’t have a place of my own”.

Female: “Doesn’t matter, I don’t either. Back of my mama’s car – right now!”

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