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Politically Incorrect - Politics - November 1, 2018

How To Breach The Trump Wall: A Migrant Caravan Trojan Horse

Trump Wall: A figment of the ruling administration's imagination.

According to mythology, the Greeks deceived the Trojans by sending them a giant wooden horse stationed with armed soldiers. And claimed it to be a tribute to the goddess Athena.
In the cover of night, unknown to the Trojans, the Greeks emerged out and opened the gates for their army. It resulted in the the fall of Troy and the defeat of the Trojans.

And as Vincent J Bove of Theepochtimes puts it: “The moral of the story is to be wary of deception, especially through the guise of pleasantries, honor, and generosity”. The Greeks played a clever trick on their foe by sneaking in the enemy right under the Trojans’ noses.
Could a Trojan Horse deception be what’s fated for America, through the guise of a migrant caravan? And as questioned by Bove, is such a thought only rhetoric, or as real as real-life?

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