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Weird - June 15, 2017

Evil Dead Necronomikini 3D effect silicone

Evil Dead Book of the Dead Necronomikini Book of the Dead. Can be purchased here on Etsy.com

These are hand crafted silicone suits that are one size fits most, Brazilian and/or micro style, & is a multipurpose outfit! It is backed with power mesh for extra durability, hand stitched using nylon thread & painted with silicone paints, therefore it will never chip or fade, especially if properly cared for. These are meant to be more revealing and more on the risque side, hence Brazilian/ Micro style. These suits are amazing!! They are the perfect nipple cover when it comes to the micro suits, and there’s even an option for a naughty or nice version!! YES, YOU CAN ACTUALLY SWIM IN THEM!! Chlorinated water, Lake water, Ocean water, swim in it all!!!

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